Monday, February 3, 2014


Momentum is building on Day VI.

Day V featured (1) a nice, slow run/walk: ; (2) a couple of hours in the park with kids, including multiple sets of tree pull-ups, push ups, stretching, and moving around in bare feet; and (3) a big-ass salad and other solid Paleo nutrition. 

Most notable, the tree pull-ups were considerably easier and more fun than a few weeks ago.  Today, after 85 pull-ups yesterday, I have very limited lat soreness.  For me, this was directly due to reducing carbs and sugar to a minimum over the past 5 days; indeed, I have seen this phenomenon before and it is really cool when it kicks in:  limited carbs and sugar = limited inflammation = limited soreness.

It's early in the game, but I am hopeful that I will maintain the momentum.  It is very possible that in two weeks I will be able to do very hard, dynamic, ballistic workouts with little to no soreness afterwards.  This carrot should sustain the momentum.

Breakfast today was 4 eggs (about 1.33 yokes) and two shots of wheat grass.  No training today -- just a short mid-afternoon walk.


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