Sunday, February 2, 2014


Play is becoming a lost art, so to speak:

So, yesterday, after some work, it was off to some play.  Before my son's 0800 basketball game we ran around with my daughter and some other kids -- randomly dribbling, shooting, and going for steals on a side court  (my game is ugly, needless to say).  I had a blast in those 20 minutes.  Granted, I was at my son's game, not mine, but the opportunity to "play" for awhile was right there and I took it.

I will continue to seek opportunities to engage in more play.  For example, I am in the process of creating a few "courses" both on and off our property, using the land  (e.g. tree pull-ups; cactus sprints) and conventional sources (e.g. a hoop; dumbbells).  The courses will be ever-changing; I have enough routine in my life.

Following the hoops, it was 5 shots of wheatgrass (they gave me a bonus shot because I am the only yahoo that orders two double-shots).  That stuff is potent:  for about 5 minutes I wanted to jump out of my skin -- in a good way.  After a little more work and some good Paleo fair, I added an apple and a banana to prep for a two hour MTB ride.  In a few weeks I am hoping that prep will be unnecessary as I will be burning more fat, not carbs.

The two hour MTB ride (no calaries; 24 ounces of H2O) was low heart rate -- well below 134 -- except that in the second hour I did about 12 uphill sprints of anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds on canal underpasses.  The one exception was a 66 second blast of what is called "Ivan Dragoo hill."  I had a definite tailwind, but it hurt.  Here's the overall ride:

A bison burger cookout, with massive spinach salad, capped the day. 

I hope we all play today -- Super Bowl Sunday.

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