Thursday, January 30, 2014


I awoke semi-fresh and, of course, proceeded to quaff more strong-ass coffee to get the day going.

After some chill time with the family and a 27 minute warm-up, I did some weights and sprints for about 20 minutes -- at times pretty intense.  Two double shots of wheat grass then led to a productive morning at work. 

At 1100 the 4 eggs that I had scrambled from home (one to three yoke to white) looked too inviting and went down smooth.  Then, later, lunch of chopped turkey salad with avocado.  More coffee, too.

Afternoon snacks:  apple, blueberries, walnuts.

Afternoon walk for 40 minutes.

Dinner:  lots of broccoli; tuna fish with vegannese; cashews; a few sips of Zevia

I know: not much variety or spice.  But for 20 days I am trying to be pretty strict -- for me.  So, for now, I'll leave being a "foodie" to the dorks that like that moniker (apologies to foodies).

"Trying is doing"  Eric Orton

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