Thursday, January 30, 2014


The holidays were rough on me.  More accurately, I was rough on me.  Now it is time to reboot things.  Yesterday I started a 21 day period where I intend to revert back to fat burning via Paleo.

I started yesterday with a few cups of strong-ass coffee.  Then, a 1:34, 7.6 mile trail run with almost 2K elevation gain -- all at a sub134 heart rate (requiring walking at many points).  No food or calories after the run.

Lunch yesterday was going to Sprouts, buying a hot, roasted chicken, returning to my desk, and eating about half of it (the chicken, not the desk).   I did imbibe some gluten-free "Artisan Nut-Thin" crackers with the chicken.  Later on, mid-afternoon, I had some kambucha with some more crackers and almond butter.  Not pure Paleo, but not so bad either.  I slipped in an apple in too.

Dinner:  grass-fed bison burger with mustard, garnished with some cashews, and some almond milk.

Not too glamorous, but I feel good today.  Party on, Wayne.

Important note:  In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, I am using roman numerals to count the days.

PS  I have several gurus for this mission, whose websites are:

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