Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blame Laird

Since incorporating Laird Hamilton training techniques both my physical and mental training has been a blast.  All I can say is mix it up, try it, and you will be a convert.  Whether you a runner seeking faster times, a hiker looking for better balance and climbing ability, or an older person looking to "stay young," continue to challenge yourself and, above all, enjoy your training.

Since Saturday:  two intense -- and very enjoyable -- Hamilton workouts; one 3:53 run at aerobic pace to Shaw Butte and back; and, I just hit a 1:45 run with 52 minutes hard -- the climbs were the best I've had in months.

Blame Laird.


  1. Nice. I may give this surfer stuff a try.

  2. I think it will benefit you immeasurably at Hardrock. I was doing similar stuff the year I snatched OP (albeit in the slowest winning time ever). Plus, it be fun amigo. The key for you will be not overcooking it given the loads of running miles you are logging.